Avatar film is now playing in theaters. James Cameron’s Avatar is now back in theaters, the film is earlier displaying encouraging signs at the international box office, with the movie income of $3.5 million from 37 markets. By, a report from Deadline.

The film was created at the head of the box office in Italy with an income of $300K. In Germany, the film abhorrent an increase of $200K  from Thursday along the side another $200K from Mexico. In Australia, the film created a third place at the box office, with an income of $400k, with 3D tickets net sales for 69% of the total gross.

The Film’s show remains strong on its second day in France, with a total gross of $700K. In Saudi Arabia, Avatar caught $300k from the film’s first two days with an added of $446K from Korea. In the film liberate in North America, Avatar has an earlier income of $2.5 million in sales.

The Film also creates at the head of the box office in some markets, such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Singapore, and Thailand. Although, no individual numbers were brought by Deadline. Given the movie’s up to now, the international box office denotes a healthy start for the blockbuster’s theatrical re-issue.

This film was originally released in 2009 to importunate captious and commercial success, appropriate the highest-grossing film of all time and the first to exceed $2 billion at the global box office.

Avatar is now playing in theaters. Check out the formal trailer for the recent rerelease of the film below:

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For fans who attended the histrionic re-release of the hit 2009, Deadline also reports that there will be a restrictive sneak peek of Avatar: The Way of Water joined at the film’s end credits. With a new film of the upcoming movie joined, fans can get a better look at the stunning visuals of the highly expected consequence.

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