ASKA Parents Guide and ASKA Age Rating (2023)
ASKA Parents Guide and ASKA Age Rating (2023)

ASKA Parents Guide

Well-known Developer and Publisher Sand Sailor Studio presents Role-Playing Action and Adventure Video game Aska. A game where you have to survive in a dungeon and fight against the enemies that come in Dead Winter.

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For Knowing and getting more information related to the game, read the article below, which will give you detailed information about this game. And don’t forget to read ASKA parents guide and Age rating of this game as it mentions the right and inappropriate content of this game.

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ASKA Release Date

ASKA Role-Playing Action and Adventure Game is ready to release soon, The scheduled date for the Aska Games is in 2023 available for Microsoft Windows, and PC.

ASKA Parents Guide and ASKA Age Rating (2023)
ASKA Parents Guide and ASKA Age Rating (2023)
DeveloperSand Sailor Studio
PublisherSand Sailor Studio
GenreAction, Adventure, RPG, Simulation
Release Date2023
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PC

ASKA Gameplay

You have to survive with the villagers present by building a settlement. Land your ship in an ever-changing radius. Uncover tons of secrets, water travel is included in this game, and do farming and most importantly be always ready for dead winter. Because an ancient foe will stand against you during Dead Winter.

ASKA System Requirements

MINIMUM Requirements

4 GB available space

RECOMMENDED Requirements

4 GB available space

ASKA Age Rating

Aska Game’s Rating is pending now but There is some inappropriate content found here that is not suitable for children under the age of 17 because there is A forest full of big dangerous wild animals and Forest fights here.

Age Rating is a helpful theme that let you know a certain age to watch or play any series movies and games and Gives better for your kid’s future. Contains inappropriate content that may scare children, may be frightening to children under the age of 17, and contains gore.

ASKA Parents Guide

This game may contain some inappropriate content which may be repeated violence or gore, etc.
The trailer shows a creature larger than a giant mountain covered in snow.

ASKA Official Trailer

ASKA Official CGI Announcement Trailer

Official website: Sand Sailor Studio
Read about ASKA parents guide and age rating. ASKA Game’s Rating is pending by ESRB and Rated 18 by PEGI. ASKA Parents Guide.

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