Arknights: Endfield Parents Guide and Age Rating

Arknights: Endfield is an upcoming Strategy, Roleplaying Video Game which is developed by Hypergryph.

Games are the most loved things by kids and they always want to know more information about any new game and are also super excited to play new games.

Playing games is good for kids as by playing games they relax for some time and during that time they become more creative also.

This article will give you information regarding Arknights: Endfield Age Rating and Parents Guide and then it will be quite easy for you to make an appropriate decision for your kid.

TitleArknights: Endfield
GenreStrategy, Role-playing Video Game
PlatformsPC, iPhone, Android
Arknights: Endfield Parents Guide
Arknights Endfield Parents Guide (1)
Arknights Endfield Parents Guide (1) Credit: TapTap

Arknights: Endfield Age Rating

Arknights: Endfield is not officially rated but Arknights: Endfield is not suitable for kids under 15 for violence, exposure.

If you know about the age rating in advance then it will be easier for you when your child wants to play your game and you will be able to make a decision quickly.

Further rating, according to me, should be your husband only because age rating is given based on how much and how much content is used in the game and of which type.

Age Ratings are of so many types for games such as E which means that these games are for everyone, 10+ which means this is suitable for kids above 10, T for teens which means that this is not suitable for kids above 13.

Mature 17+ which means that they are suitable for kids above 17, Adults 18+ means that they are appropriate for kids above 18 and should not be played by kids under 18, etc.

Arknights: Endfield Parents Guide

Guidance is very important because it is only through this you will guide your kid more properly which would be more good for you.

Guidance is important whether it is about playing games or any other thing. When you were a kid, your parents guided you or now you are guiding your kids and this is a very important thing to pay attention to because your kid will not understand anything other than you.


In this game, the player and the villain are shown fighting many times. They were also using a lot of force and were trying to defeat each other in a bad way.

Blasts are also happening in this game many times and it is shown that many creatures in it are causing harm to the players.

Parents Considerations

Below we have written some points to remember:-

  • Consideration is another important thing that you should keep in mind when your kid plays Arknights: Endfield.
  • You should pay attention to whether your kid likes Arknights: Endfield or not and you should share your experience, how did you like this game?
  • You also have to make sure that your kid is not playing Arknights: Endfield otherwise your kid may also become a gaming addict.
  • You should also pay attention that your kid is not scared of Arknights: Endfield because very dangerous things are seen in Arknights: Endfield.

System Requirements for Arknights: Endfield

Minimum requirements
OS-Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit

  • GPU-GTX 1050
  • CPU-i3-8300
  • Memory-8GB RAM
  • Storage-1GB available space

Recommended requirements

OS-Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit

  • GPU-GTX 1050
  • CPU-i3-9320
  • Memory-16GB RAM
  • Storage-1GB available space

Game Play is here

Arknights: Endfield is all about how you discover the planet’s expansive wildlands and colonies of the Habitable Band. Players will also get so many powers which will help you to reach more faster.


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Arknights: Endfield Parents Guide: Arknights: Endfield is not rated officially but Arknights: Endfield is not suitable for kids under 15. More information about Arknights: Endfield is given in our article.

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