Aniplex Has Announced a TV Anime Adaptation of its Movie ATRI: My Dear Moments
Aniplex Has Announced a TV Anime Adaptation of its Movie ATRI: My Dear Moments

Aniplex is a Japanese anime and music production company and Aniplex is owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Here is the name of some Animation Series.

Currently, Aniplex has announced a TV anime adaptation of its movie ATRI: My Dear Moments. ATRI Movie is titled by visual novel brand ANIPLEX.EXE and it was announced at the Aniplex Online Fest 2022 event on Saturday. The release date is Not announced yet.

The Anime is Directed by Makoto Katou at the animation studio TROYCA and the in charge of series creation is Jukki Hanada. The first Sale of ATRI: My Dear Moments went on June 18, 2020, and it has been downloaded more than one70,000 times. The TV anime is the sequel of the novel game “ATRI -My Dear Moments”, which was launched in 2019. 

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Who is ATRI?

ATRI is a Robot that has a wealth of Emotions with would fool anybody Because She Breathes and lives like Humans. In the time of summer a slow, mountain-sized city on a riverfront ocean where is a boy and this mysterious robot girl.

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Ikaruga Natsuki found his old countryside after a harsh life in the city, and Ikaruga Natsuki has a major, ship, and submarine, his debts, and an oceanologist grandmother that he has inherited with his name.

Ikaruga Natsuki gets help through his oceanologist grandmother’s laboratory and uncovered the ruins to find the treasure. where she was missing. (Official Website: Aniplex)

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