Nintendo’s Super Mario Animated Film Adaptation Titled ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’
Nintendo’s Super Mario Animated Film Adaptation Titled ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

Super Mario Bros is the official title for the animated film Adaptation is the most loved video game. This should surprise no one as we have been calling the movie exactly like that for a while now. The news was revealed today during a special panel at New York Comic Con.

‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ is Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario is one of the most popular mascots in the whole world. Super Mario is Nintendo’s second most profitable IP, behind Pokemon. The Super Mario Bros Movie is only the second movie that Nintendo tried to make with its mascot.

That is because the franchise was adapted once before, in the year 1993, in a movie that displeased critics and fans alike. The live-action approach was too weird for the franchise, and the Super Mario Bros. movie became such a massive box office bomb that Nintendo would take almost three decades before deciding to make a Super Mario movie again.

we are all excited to see Super Mario in theaters again in the animated format. And the images we saw from the Illumination prove that the Despicable Me studio is sparing no effort in bringing the Mushroom Kingdom to life.

Being Frank, we are not sure about Chris Pratt dubbing Mario, but the first trailer is so good that we are willing to risk it. We had taken a long time to see characters like Mario and Donkey Kong cross paths outside the video games, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie might start a new age for Nintendo franchises in theaters.

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