American Fiction Parents Guide
American Fiction Parents Guide

American Fiction information

American Fiction Parents Guide: American Fiction is an upcoming drama comedy which is directed by Cord Jefferson and penned by Cord Jefferson and Percival Everett.

This movie cast Jeffrey Wright, Skyler Wright, and John Ales in the lead roles.

TitleAmerican Fiction
GenreComedy, Drama
DirectorCord Jefferson
Release Date22 December, 2023
CountryUnited States
American Fiction Parents Guide
American Fiction Parents Guide
American Fiction Parents Guide

American Fiction Age Rating?

American Fiction is Rated R for drug use, Language, Violence, and sexual content. The movie features mature content.

The R rating is given to a movie or series which is not suitable for children under 17 years age group and children should watch with their parent’s permission.

American Fiction Parents Guide

Below, we have mentioned some points regarding the movie by which parents can decide whether watching American Fiction is appropriate for their children.


Fight scenes are also shown in this movie, two policemen were running after someone. Two people were fighting inside the water.

Characters are shown as the shooter with the gun. Some characters are shown with wounds and blood spurting in American Fiction.


American Fiction includes language, as some characters are shown using strong words while speaking.

Drug use

In American Fiction, some people were also seen taking drugs and alcohol. Characters were shown taking cocaine in the film.

Parents Consideration

You should take care of many things, as this film includes language and consumption of Alcohol, which is not appropriate for the kids, and watching these types of things can have bad impacts on kids.

American Fiction movie comprises some mature content, so you must read this article carefully before you allow your kid to watch American Fiction. If you think your kid is eligible, you can permit them to see this movie. If not, then do not allow them to watch this movie alone.

Others Details

We have given details about the Release date, cast, etc, of American Fiction, which would help to get deep knowledge about this movie.

What is the release date of American Fiction?

American Series is supposed to be released on 22 December 2023 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

What is the story about?

American Fiction is the story about Thelonious “Monk” Ellison, who is an Author who is very upset because his Published Book did not make more headlines.

On the other hand, a tome called We’s Lives in Da Ghetto, which is written by Sintara Golden, has become a book bestseller, which makes Thelonious “Monk” Ellison worried.

Who is in the cast of American Fiction?

American Fiction cast great actors like Jeffrey Wright playing the role of Thelonious ‘Monk’ Ellison, John Ales playing Leo, Carmen Cusack playing the role of Gilda, Joseph Marrella playing the role of Matthew Wilson,

Issa Rae plays Sinatra Golden, Becki Dennis plays the role of Clinic Receptionist, Myra Lucretia Taylor plays a role as Lorraine, and Ryan Richard Doyle plays the role of Ned.

Others include Sterling K. Brown as Clifford Ellison, Skyler Wright as Brittany, Patrick Fischler as Mandel, John Ortiz as Arthur, Stephen Burrell as Jordan Phillips,

Nicole Kempskie as Sintara’s Moderator, Tracee Ellis Ross as Lisa Ellison, Leslie Uggams as Agnes Ellison, and many more.

Official Trailer

AMERICAN FICTION | Official Trailer
American Fiction Parents Guide


American Fiction Parents Guide: This movie is full of mature content such as Drug usage, Violence, and some sexual content which is not good for the kids. You can relate this article to American Fiction and then will come to know whether this movie is appropriate for their child.

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