American Crime story Age Rating 2018 - TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
American Crime story Age Rating 2018 - TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers

American Crime Story Age Rating | Explained With Reason

Know what is the age rating of American Crime Story, the 2016 TV series. American Crime Story Age Rating is explained here. Why American Crime Story 2016 received this age rating? Read the complete information here. TV-MA  American Crime Story TV series age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

American Crime Story TV-PG rating and the rating 2016. Find American Crime Story series Parental Guidance here. So here we are providing  Age Rating for UK, Australia, NZ, Ireland, Philippines, Canada. The American Crime Story age rated 16+, read more.

Show Name American Crime Story
Channel Name FX Networks
Based on Biography, Crime, Drama
Age Rating TV-MA 14
Cast List
Total Season



10 (in each Season)

Release Date

First season

2nd season

3rd season

2 February 2016

May 17, 2018

Very Soon

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Official SIte

American Crime Story Web Series Overview

American Crime Story 2016 is an American true crime anthology television series developed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. The American  BiographyCrime, Drama genre web series casting includes Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Courtney B. Vance, Sterling K. Brown. Obviously, Sarah Paulson plays the role of Dr. Anna Pou, Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson, Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran.

Its executive producers with Brad Falchuk, Nina Jacobson, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Simpson. Series creators. Alexander and Karaszewski did not return after the first season. It plots a story of O.J. Simpson trial with a riveting look at the legal teams battling to convict or acquit the football legend of a double homicide. Based on the book The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson by Jeffrey Toobin, it explores the chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering on both sides of the court.

What is the American Crime Story Age Rating

The TV Show, American Crime Story Age rating, is TV-MA.

In fact, the age rating, the age rating for television programmes, fixed by TVMA. TV-MA means the series includes contents where children under the age of 16 are restricted to watch the series. Firstly, TV-MA rated – American Crime Story, for, including severe sexual contents, strong drug usage, and language throughout, that is not suited for children under the age of 16.

Furthermore, American Crime Story 2016 rated 15 in the United Kingdom and TV-MA in the United States and also overseas. Also, rated M in Australia. See the series American Crime Story Appropriate for UK, US, Canada, AUS, NZ, Ireland and Portugal 12AP. Further, a 14 age rating in Brazil, whereas 16 rated in Spain, Norway, Singapore. Also in Spain 16 and Canada, it is rated PG.  Furthermore, in the United States, the web series is rated TV-MA.

Explained Why American Crime Story Received TV-MA Age Rating

  • Flashing several references to and depictions of sexual scenes.
  • There are scenes of violence and disturbing blood scenes.
  • Profanity language throughout & uses of shit, damn, hell, and others.
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking. We see many characters consuming pills to treat mental illness.
  • Frightening & Intense Scenes.
  • Several parts include kissing.

Eventually, these are the reasons for the 16+ rating.

American Crime Story Age Rating – Release date

In fact, American Crime Story season 1 first released on 2 February 2016 (USA). The series is broadcast on the cable television channel FX in the United States.

  • American Crime Story TV Show Poster and Images

American Crime story Age Rating 2018 - TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
American Crime story Age Rating 2018 – TV Show Poster Images and Wallpapers
  • Official Trailer of the TV Show American Crime Story

What is American Crime Story Runtime

This TV Series will take an approximate 42 minutes.

Stay tuned to get more updates on the Ameican Crime Story Age Rating. In fact, you can read the complete information about the upcoming TV shows and movie before reaching theatres here. Finally, any suggestions always welcomed. Also, please make use of the comment box for your reviews.

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