After Death Parents Guide (2)
After Death Parents Guide (2) Credit: IMDB

After Death Information and Wiki

After Death Parents Guide: After Death is an upcoming Documentary film directed by Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke and written by Stephen Gray. This Documentary cast Stars Koko Marshall, Michael Jovanovski, and Kate Duffy in lead roles.

TitleAfter Death
DirectorStephen Gray, Chris Radtke
Release Date October 27, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorAngel studio
After Death Parents Guide
After Death Parents Guide
After Death Parents Guide Credit: Apeejay Newsroom

After Death Age Rating

After Death is Rated PG-13 for the inclusion of mature content such as Horror, bloody images, and violence.

PG- 13 is given to those movies or series which are not suitable for children under 13 and it can be watched by children above 13. These types of movies include content that is not meant for children under 13.

After Death Parents Guide

Below we have mentioned some important points about ‘The Death’ which will help you to more about the movie and thus you will be able to get to the point of whether this documentary is OK for your kids or not. Parents are the only ones who guide their children from their childhood so this article will take you to the point of the last decision.


In this documentary, it is shown that so many people are being killed in the plane crash. There is also a scene of a car crash.


This documentary is full of horror scenes. It has shown that there was a man standing and suddenly so many spirits came near him and that could be sensitive for some kids. In the hospital, some scenes were also shown in which doctors were doing the operation.

Parents Consideration

After Death consists of mature contents that are not supposed to be seen by children under 13. As children whatever they see during their developing stage catches instantly so this Documentary is surely not appropriate for children 13. Parents after reading this article will be able to know whether ‘After Death’ is suitable or not.

Other Details

We have given here about Release date, cast, etc of ‘The Boys in the Boat’ which would help to get deep knowledge about this movie.

What is the release date of After Death?

This Documentary is going to be released worldwide on October 27, 2023, by Angel Studios.

What is the story about?

This is a documentary in which we come to know what happens after death with the help of various scientists and authors.

Through this, we experience the lifestyle after death. It is based on the real happenings incidents through interviews and performing the new acts with the help of the older one. This is going to be very interesting as it is full of adventures.

Who is the cast?

‘After Death’ is full of Actors like Koko Marshall performing as Beverly, Kate Duffy performs as Eva, Drew Neal Horton performing as Chuck, Nicholas Saenz performing as Don, Don Piper performs as Self, Chetavious Davis performing as Dr. Greene, Michael Jovanovski is performing as Gene, Doug Lito is performing Howard, Fabian Jaime is performing as Paul.

Re-enactment ActorsKoko Marshall as Beverly, Michael Jovanovski as Gene, Kate Duffy as Eva, Doug Lito as Howard, Drew Neal Horton as Chuck, Nicholas Saenz as Don, Fabian Jaime as Paul, Chetavious Davis as Dr. Greene, Ryan Mcarthy as Dr. Sabom and Nick McCloud as Dale.

Official Trailer

After Death | "More Hope Than Ever" Trailer | Performed by Justin Jesso
After Death Parents Guide


After Death Parents Guide: After Death is a documentary that is Rated PG-13 and based on real-life stories through this documentary scientists and authors try to know what happens after death and what is the lifestyle, in which world we live. After reading this Parents will definitely conclude what is good or what is not good for their children.

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