Addams family 2022 Characters
Addams family 2022 Characters

The official Netflix trailer for the upcoming film of the Addams family story has been released. The film Wednesday is directed by Tim Burton and shines a spotlight on Wednesday Addams, the teenage daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, known for her morbid fascinations and dark, braided pigtails.

The idea of Wednesday becoming more emotive in the Netflix series is an interesting departure from previous adaptions. In both the animated and live-action versions, Wednesday has a signature, impassive expression that rarely leaves her face.

While becoming the slightest bit emotive goes against prior portrayals, it makes sense for a coming-of-age story like Wednesday. Wednesday is not just rehashing the Addams family, but trying to explore different scenarios, and it is likely that Wednesday and Pugsley will learn to adapt to the world outside their home as they grow up.

Millar and Gough both assured that the viewers of Wednesday detachment will fall a “notch.” It is not as if her character is going to be entirely transformed. One of the big draws of the Addams family is the fact that they are a bit different from the rest of society, but they don’t mind being a bit off-kilter.

Wednesday can continue to enjoy her gothic nature and love for all things macabre, also forming her own perspective of the world that is not aligned with her family’s. The characters are becoming more emotive in Wednesday means the viewers will see an intriguing and realistic evolution of the character as she begins to grow older and truly form her identity.

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