2nd Chance Parents guide and Age Rating (2022)
2nd Chance Parents guide and Age Rating (2022)

2nd Chance Parents guide

2nd Chance is an upcoming docu-film it was directed and penned by Ramin Bahrani and the producers of this movie are Ramin Bahrani, Charles Dorfman, Johnny Galvin, Jacob Grodnik, and Daniel M. Turcan. Read the 2nd Chance Parents Guide and Age Rating below the article.

Director Ramin Bahrani is a Persian and American Film director recently he made The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey film (2022). Bahrani received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for The White Tiger.

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Release date

2nd Chance’s scheduled release date for the United States was January 22, 2022. And now the 2nd Chance documentary film Theatre is ready for release for which the release date has been fixed as December 2, 2022.

2nd Chance Parents guide and Age Rating (2022)
2nd Chance Parents guide and Age Rating (2022)
Name2nd Chance
Also Known as Second Chance
DirectorRamin Bahrani
WriterRamin Bahrani
Release DateDecember 2, 2022
Run Time1 hour 29 minutes
Production CompaniesVespucci, Noruz Films (I), Samuel Marshall Films, Lost Boulder Entertainment
DistributorsBleecker Street Media, Showtime Documentary Films, Showtime Networks


This documentary is based on a man named Richard Davis who made or can say invented the concealable bulletproof vest, He shot himself 16 times to prove his invention useful and to demonstrate the jacket’s effectiveness over the course of his career.

What Age Rating 2nd Chance Is received?

2nd Chance is not Rated yet, But it follows a man who tests himself with 196 bullets to prove his bulletproof vest is perfect, So here’s how to shoot yourself and use guns to test bulletproof vests, and it is not suitable for viewers under the age of 17.

The age rating tells you the age approval related to the game series or movie, Age rating means for which age it is suitable for children and for which it is not, and what is present in it that can spoil your children.

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There’s a certain amount of violence in there as well.
Uses 196 bullets on himself to prove bulletproof vest looks like self-harm even though he is not present.
Some humiliating incidents that happened with the inventor are also displayed here.

Wallpaper and images of 2nd Chance

2nd Chance Parents guide and Age Rating (2022)
2nd Chance Parents guide and Age Rating (2022)

Who is in the Cast of 2nd Chance?

Richard Davis as Self – CEO of Second Chance Body Armor, Inc.

Richard Davis invented a bulletproof vest and for this breakthrough in his career, he shot himself a 196 to prove the effectiveness of his jacket.

Official Trailer of 2nd Chance

2ND CHANCE | Official Trailer | Bleecker Street & Showtime

What does the 2nd Chance Trailer say?

This film shows the success of Richard Davis i.e. the success of his bulletproof jacket and his efforts. Expressing appreciation for Richard’s work and glimpses of his humiliation, Bulletproof Jacket shows Safar and himself taking 196 bullets.

What 2nd Chance movie is Rated?

2nd Chance Movie is Rated 17+.

What is the run time of the 2nd Chance movie?

1 hour 29 minutes is the run time of the 2nd Chance movie.

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