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Bandidos (2024)

Bandidos Parents Guide: Bandidos is a 2024 action, adventure, crime, and drama Netflix series directed by Adrian Grunberg and written by Pablo Tébar. If you want to know about Netflix’s Bandidos Parents Guide, read our Bandidos Parents Guide below, which will help you make the right decision. It is executively produced by Leonardo Zimbrón, Andrew […]

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Hot Wheels Let’s Race (2024)

Hot Wheels Let’s Race Parents Guide: Hot Wheels Let’s Race is a 2024 Animation, Action, and adventurous Netflix Series created by Robert David, Jordan Gershowitz, and Melanie Shannon, written by Robert David, Jordan Gershowitz, and Melanie Shannon. It is executively produced by Robert David, Christopher Keenan, and Fred Soulie, including Sara Cook as production coordinator. […]

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Furies (2024)

Furies Parents Guide: Furies is a 2024 action, crime, and drama TV Series directed by Cedric Nicolas–Troyan, Samuel Bodin, and Laura Weaver, and stars Lina El Arabi, Marina Foïs, and Mathieu Kassovitz. It was written by Jean-Yves Arnaud, Yoann Legave, Mathilde Arnaud, Leonie De Rudder, and France Lanot. If you are worried about your kid […]

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Detective: Ritual of the Sea (Video Game)

Detective: Ritual of the Sea Parents Guide: Detective: Ritual of the Sea is a 2024 simulation, action, and Adventure video game published by Awaken Realms and developed by InterStudio on Microsoft Windows. Kids mostly like playing video games; if you are worried about whether Detective: Ritual of the Sea is okay for your kids, read […]

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Code 8: Part II (2024)

Code 8: Part II Parents Guide: Code 8: Part II is a 2024 Action, Crime, and Drama film directed by Jeff Chan and written by Chris Pare, Jeff Chan, Sherren Lee, Jesse LaVercombe, and Colin Chichakly. It is produced by Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Steven Hoban, Jeff Chan, Matthew Kariatsumari, and Chris Pare and executive […]

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House of Ninjas (2024– )

House of Ninjas Parents Guide: House of Ninjas is a 2024 action, drama, and history TV Netflix Series directed by Dave Boyle starring Kento Kaku, Yôsuke Eguchi, and Tae Kimura in the lead roles. If you are worried about whether House of Ninjas is appropriate for your kid, go through our article, which will give […]

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Ninja Kamui (2024– )

Ninja Kamui Parents Guide: Ninja Kamui is a 2024 Action and Animation series directed by Seong-Hu Park and Yann Le Gall; The series is voiced by Joe Higan. If your kid likes watching animated series and you are worried about whether Ninja Kamui is appropriate for them, then read our article below. The series will […]