Static Shock conceiver Nikolas Draper-Ivey encourages fans that the new DC live-action film is still in the works. Ever since the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger was finished afore this year, many shake-ups have happened behind the scenes. HBO Max and Discovery+ will be merged into one streaming service next summer, which has led to many titles getting pulled by the studio.

While Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is reorganized the studio’s strategies for their various IPs, the DC brand took a big hit in August. Despite having finished principal photography in late March, Warner Bros. Discovery canceled HBO Max’s Batgirl movie with Leslie Grace.

Prior to Batgirl getting shelved, Warner Bros. Discovery canceled Wonder Twins, another HBO Max original movie. After Batgirl got the ax, it cast a shadow of doubt on the DCEU’s future.

One project that was declared before the new government came in was Static Shock, based on the popular Milestone Media comic. In 2020, Reginald Hudlin, along with Milestone Media’s Denys Cowan and Michael Davis, declared that they were working on a live-action movie pointed around Virgil Hawkins. Michael B.

Jordan came on board to produce Static Shock under his Outlier Society constructions banner, while Safety’s Randy McKinnon would write the screenplay.

While a report in August alleged that Warner Bros. Discovery had hit the pause button on Static Shock, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Nikolas Draper-Ivey, who is a co-writer and artist on Static: Shadows of Dakota, recently tweeted that admitting what reports are demand, the Static Shock movie isn’t dead, amplifying to fans to not “worry about those articles and be patient.” At this time, Draper-Ivey couldn’t complex any further.

Confidently, unless Warner Bros. Discovery changes its mind, the Static Shock movie will start to move advance in the coming years.

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