A day and a half Parents Guide
A day and a half Parents Guide

A day and a half (2023 Film) Introduction and Wiki

A day and a half Parents Guide: A day and a half is an upcoming Action, Drama, Thriller film which is directed and written by Fares Fares and Peter Smirnakos.

The production work of this Series is done by the following production company Gaumont UK, Gaumont, and Moonage Pictures. Famous Distributor Netflix distributes it.

TitleA day and a half
GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
DirectorFares Fares
Language English
CountryUnited States
Runtime1h 34m
A day and a half Parents Guide
A day and a half Parents Guide
A day and a half Parents Guide

A day and a half Age Rating

A day and a half is Rated TV-MA for some content shown in this film

TV-MA Program-rated TV-MA is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and is not suitable for children under 17. Children Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian.

Film A day and a half Parents Guide

Here is the detailed content guide about the film that parents should read before letting their kids watch the film.

Our parents guide for A Day and a Half will help you to decide if A Day and a Half is OK for kids and you will also get to know if A Day and a Half is appropriate for kids or not.

Sexual Content and Nudity

There’s no sexual scenes is here.


Strong and broad language is used throughout the film, including profanity and potentially offensive words.

Alcohol and Drug use

This section will be updated after the release.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a lot of Violence
  • Explosion is shown
  • Use of Dangerous Weapons like guns
  • Blood is shown

Parental Considerations

The explicit content detailed in the age rating suggests that the film is intended for mature audiences who can handle adult themes, strong language, and sexual content.

Parents should consider their child’s maturity level, comfort with explicit content, and their family’s preferences when making a decision about viewing.

Other Details

Here is the synopsis, cast, and trailer of A Day and a Half.

A Day and a Half Release Date

A Day and a Half is scheduled to be released on September 1, 2023. You can watch A Day and a Half on Netflix.

What A Day and a Half is about?

The film tells the story of an armed man who breaks into the medical center where his estranged wife works and kidnaps their daughter, wanting to be reunited with her.

Who is in the A Day and a Half?

Here, is the list of A Day and a Half Cast and Characters

  • Fares Fares as Lukas
  • Alexej Manvelov as Artan
  • Alma Pöysti as Louise
  • Stina Ekblad as Wanja
  • Annika Hallin as Dr. Gardelius
  • Richard Forsgren as Jack Lilja
  • Annica Liljeblad as Anna
  • Jonathan Sand as Police officer
  • Johni Tadi as Dr. Yakoub
  • Bengt C.W. Carlsson as Stefan
  • Karl Larsson as Police officer
  • Lisa Forslund as Rebecka
  • Nils Westman as Man med bandage
  • Clara Hallencreutz Fares as Kvinna med bebis
  • Amicia Heijbel as Cassandra
  • Amanda Jalmberger as Sjuksköterska
  • Linda Hellström as Vera
  • Christoffer Thuresson as National Task Force Officer

Official Trailer

A Day and a Half | Official Clip | Netflix
A day and a half Parents Guide


A day and a half Parents Guide: This is an upcoming Horror film, now this film is not rated yet but, It contains Some sexual Content, Strong Violence, and Bloody Scenes is here.

A Day and a Half
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Director: Fares Fares

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