Simon Romanov

Zach Snyder DC's return to direct best superhero

Zack Snyder is one of the most prolific directors who appreciated his take on some of the more successful movies of the DC Extended Universe.

Snyder’s role is in bringing Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League to life helped propel further inclusions of Superman into other films. 

Snyder director’s cut release of Justice League to HBO Max in 2021 was met with much praise and continued appreciation of the director’s gifts.

Zack Snyder has been quiet about the prospect of future involvement related to Henry Cavill’s Superman, with a comment he recently made on social media.

Snyder took to the social media platform Vero where he suggested that he may be in line to direct Henry Cavill as Superman again.

He captioned “My Superman past present and future.” It seems that the director posted the picture to celebrate Superman Day.

With the picture posted to Zack Snyder’s Vero account, understandable that he will be involved with future sequels that contain Superman in DC Extended Universe. 

However its a rumor with no confirmation that Snyder will be directing any future projects for DC. 

It seems that Snyder is moving on from his place at DC and focusing more on other films like the upcoming Rebel Moon.