The solar opposites character, Rick and Morty are back in our lives, we felt so happy with their comeback’ the last time we saw this family in March 2021, but now we have a chance to watch them again.

Credit goes to Justin Roiland who is the creator of Rick and Morty and Mike McMahan who is the writer of these characters. The show become so famous, hit, and got a lot of love from the people.

Solar Apposite is coming back with a new Adventure on Hulu,  but this time the Funny characters bring a new Flavor with their Insane comedy.  

Korvo is voiced by Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty Creator and writer give their voice to the solar opposites household.

Terry's voice is given by Thomas Middleditch who is a genius character in this show, Just like in SilicoValley, it is very difficult to Identify the Actual relationship between Terry and Korvo.

Yumyulack is voiced by Sean Giambrone, Yumyulack is a star of  Goldbergs. Yumyulack played the Youngest role in this Show after Korvo, he is the Second best character. 

Jesse’s voice is given by Mary Mack, who gives her a lifeline. Terry has given a quick Acclimation to the Earth. But Jesse who still has Childish activities is an even more fun-loving Character.

The  Pupa is voiced by Sagan McMahan, The Pupa looks like a cute, fun loving, and attractive character in this Series but the Pupa role will change the Morality of this Earth.

Aisha's voice is given by Tiffany Haddish, Aisha is a Rough  Character in this Series. Aisha is not so helpful Instead she is very much a Rude, Arrogant Aggressive Character in this show.  

Tim is voiced by Andy Daly, Tim is so faithful, and honest character in this series, he is a good Solar Opposite, Tim is the only reason behind the Show becoming so popular.