Simon Romanov

Reason Why Rob Kardashian Skipped Kourtney & Travis Wedding

Rob Kardashian missed his big sister Kourtney Italian wedding to Travis Barker sharing how 'his absence was noticed.'

A source told “Rob really did have every intention of going to Kourtney wedding to possibly walk Kourtney down the aisle in the place of their dad” 

The source share that might his sister was “upset” that he didn't attend the event but she and everyone else in the family “did understand him.”

“The stress of Blac Chyna trial was too much for him to handle. So,he wanted to relax and decompress this weekend and spend it with the most important person in his life Dream.”

“Rob likes to remain a private and knew that this was going to be a huge production and there would be no way for him to go and not be seen,”

“He did not want to run into the same issue that he had at Kim wedding, he did not want Kourtney to have any drama at her wedding caused by him.

His absence was noticed though several guests asking where he was and how he was doing. He was missed. 

Rob and Kourtney are so close and will remain close. He is glad that she has found someone that deserves her as Rob thinks the world of her.”

Kourt may have been a little upset her brother could not attend, but she still had the time of her life with now husband Travis.