Why Leah Remini wasn’t there to celebrate her BFF Jennifer Lopez‘s wedding

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally tied a knot officially in Georgia on Saturday, 20 August 2022.

In 2021, news came about the redating of Ben and Jennifer, and the pair have already got married this year 2022, on July 16, in Las Vegas.

Jennifer's best friend Leah Remini, 52, wasn’t there to celebrate her dreamy and lavish wedding ceremony. But why?

According to TMZ, Leah Remini was spending time with her 18-year-old daughter, Sofia and she was trying to be a good mom.

The ceremony took place at Ben’s incredible mansion and Leah was respectfully invited to the big event.

Leah's daughter was about to head off to college and she wanted to stay as close to the teen as she could before she leaves.

J.Lo understood Leah's situation and there's no any animosity between them. They still follow each other on social media.

Not only Leah but Ben’s brother, Casey Affleck, wasn't there too. He was seen getting coffee from Starbucks in L.A. on the day of the ceremony.

Casey didn't reply for the absence from the wedding but congratulated J.Lo. and Ben via his Instagram post.