Why Kendall Jenner Broke Up With Devin Booker After

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have broken up and fans are shocked through she is very private about her relationship.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker has quietly ended their very private two-year romance and fans want to know why they broke up.

Kendall called it off because Devin wasn’t “as serious as she was” about their relationship, according to sources of HollywoodLife.

Devin is very upset about the whole thing and hasn’t even begun to move on and Devin’s actions at the wedding were a “real eye-opener for Kendall"

After spending some time together at Kourtney’s wedding they found out there is something off about their relationship and decided to call it off.

Kendall has cleared it many times that she wants to get married and have kids, which she knows she eventually wants.

And Devin was clearly not on the same page and explained how there’s much more he wants to do in life.

Kendall broke up with him because she didn’t think he was taking the relationship as seriously as she was and ultimately they want different things in life.

Kendall and Devin aren’t seeing anyone else right now from each other to figure things out and see that if they can come on the same page.