Marvel Studios is known for its tremendous movies, which make fans go crazy all across the world, Marvel is also known for their spectacular Films as well.

 But now Actress Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that she is not going to do any kind of movies with MCU Films in the future. 

In an interview Everything Everywhere All at Once, Halloween Ends star Jamie Lee Curtis tells that she will not join any Franchise.  

Jamie said, If she will do a movie with Marvel Studios then they are going to sit dots over her and make her act like in a Where house somewher 

Jamie tells the people that, Everything Everywhere All at Once was probably her  most rememberable and best movie of all time in her career. 

 Marvel is facing a lot of criticism, and negative comments from the actors, including Simon Pegg who said due to Marvel Studios I am not able to grow.

The Recent movie by Marvin studios that become so hit in the theaters was Thors Love and Thunder, In this movie then wanna make Thor Look a little bit taller.

Jamie was born on 22nd November in California, She is a Famous American Actress, Author’ Producer, and Activist. She has won several awards as well.

Ms. Curtis makes her debut in a Horror movie, Halloween. in the movie she paled the role of Laurie Strode which make a great Impact on Fans.

After that Jamies won several awards like the BAFTA award for the best-supporting Actress role, she also got Golden Globe award.