White Lotus Season 2: All we know about

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White Lotus was renewed for Season 2 and going to hit this year, and soon it will be streaming on platforms with the new tour for fans.

Season 2 hits HBO this October with an entirely new storyline and virtually all different characters than season 1.

According to EP David Bernad, S2 will be entirely different than season 1, "What I’m really proud of in season two is it’s a completely different idea.” 

“Season two is very specific to Sicily and the issues that are going on in the cultural, thematic ideas of Sicily are obviously much different than Hawaii.”Bernad explained

The second season has been filmed on location in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, which drops to sandy beaches.

It seems like viewers won’t be able to predict the ending nor surmise what happens in season 2.

Jennifer Coolidge will be in the S2 as the EP said, "And Jennifer Coolidge, obviously, she’s the f*cking greatest. She has a lot of amazing things to do in season two.”

The White Lotus: Sicily premieres in October 2022 on HBO and HBO Max with the perfect amount of dark comedy.

HBO is on the lead this season after a hit release House of the Dragons, it is going to hit the steaming again by Mike's White Lotus.