Virgin River Season 4 New and Returning Cast 

 Virgin River is a romantic drama series on the entertainment platform Netflix since 2019.

This drama is based on Virgin River novels, by Robyn Carr. It is produced by Ian Hay and Sally Dixon.

Netflix has released the fourth season of  'Virgin River '. Two new characters have been included and some are returning back to the series.

 Alexandra Breckenridge is still playing the main leading role of  Melinda Monroe(Mel). In S4 she is going to reveal her pregnancy.

Martin Henderson, as Jack Sheridan is going to get the answer to his proposal from Mel which does not seem to be good for him.

Annette O'Toole is returning as town's mayor 'Hope McCrea'. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, she wasn't able to make it in S3.

Tim Matheson will be also in season 4 as Docter Mullins, who is a doctor in the town's clinic where Mel works as a nurse.

Benjamin Hollingsworth is cast as Dan Brady, who is a good person with bad notes. He loves Jack's sister and then tries to be a better person for her.

Zibby Allen is playing the role of Brie, Jack's sister. She is a lawyer who is in love with a criminal Brady.

Colin Lawrence as Preacher did a great performance in the series. He is jack's old friend and head chef at a bar.

Lauren Hammersley is playing the role of Charmaine Roberts. Charmaine is the mother of Jack's twin children and his ex-wife, who wants custody of her kids.

Ricky is a sweet and young character of the Virgin River, he works as a waiter in Jack's bar. his role was nicely done by Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey.

Kai Bradbury will play the role of Denny Cutler, who is a new face in the series, he calls himself Doc Mullins's grandson.

Mark Ghanime is taking a totally new entry as a handsome and charming Dr. Cameron Hayek, who will be the other doctor at Mullins's clinic.