Vengo Net Worth

Vengo is a hi-tech vending machine.Mark Cuban refers to Vengo as a “digital made so much profit that they are at 620th rank this year.

It is small & compact in size and well mountable.It is 2ft tall and 6 inches deep.It can easily fit on any wall of offices ,malls and stores.

The machine is so advanced that it contains many advanced unique features such as the touch screen for choosing items.

Net company worth around $50-$55 millions.. According to their size and features,the machine cost approx $3000-$10000.

It is founded and by Brian Shimmerlik and Steven Bofill . The made several crazy and  million dollar deals and climb up to their success peak.

The company got diamond in their hand when went on ABC show shark tank,6 years ago in episode 725(Hi-Tech Vending Machine's) on , 2016 

Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner were the sharks and got a deal with a nice negotiation of a 36 month loan of $2 million at 7% plus 3% equity.

Vengo has over 1,500 machines deployed across the US. They're on over 45 campuses including NYU and Harvard

It is now a fastest growing private company.From being neglected from years  and gaining too much success with rapid growth, the company really deserves lots of appreciation.

As we are going to take multiple steps for the advance and modern world,the super but small hi-tech vending machine undoubtedly such a great innovation.