Vanna White is a famous American Model, Actress, and  TV Personality. In  2022 her  Net Worth is Estimated at around $85 million USD.

Eventually she is Increasing her income so fast, that M.S white earns $ 10 million per year. but this is not her only source of income, Casino also plays a vital role in generating her Income. 

Vanna White Was Born on 18 February 1957 in Carolina, USA.   When she was a little girl her parents divorced, Vanna is the daughter of Miguel and Joan.

She attend North Myrtle Beach High School, then moved to Atlanta and Joined the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design. Vanna also participated in Miss Georgia Contest in 1978.

In 1981 M.S White starts her career in an Acting line, she played a role in a movie called ‘Looker’. She was also spotted in the horror movie Graduation Day.

In 2013 She also took a part in the Guinness world record, for the episode of ‘wheel Fortune’ She made a record for “The Most Frequent Clapper”.

  Ms. White also appeared in a number of  Television Shows such as Married with Children, The A team, The King of Queens, and Just Shoot me, her Acting was Tremendous in each  episode.        

Her salary from ‘Wheel for Fortune’ is not her real Income, she also earns from casino licensing as well. Vanna’s Annual Income is approximately crossing $25 million each and every year. 

Knitting and Crochet are the two hobbies, which she does off the camera. Ms white is also known for her “Vanna’s Choice” through the Lions brand Yarns.

Her Husband's name is  George Santo Pietro, who is a  restaurant owner. But due to some reasons, the couple  was separated, and they have two children also.