Vanessa Bryant is a former  American Model, Business Leader, and Philanthropist, In 2022 her  Net Worth is estimated at around $ 600 million USD.

Vanessa Bryant is a popular and well-known personality, she generates most of her income from her late husband’s Profession, called Basketball.

Vanessa made 8.5 million dollars from endorsements, and she earned $ 42.5 USD from sponsorship. In 2007 Vanessa and her husband made an organization to provide scholarships to students.

From “The Drew Carey  Show” Ms. Bryant generate $ 150000 USD per episode, through “Real Housewives” her salary went to $ 1 million dollars.

In 2015  Being a cast member of Celebrity Apprentice she earned $ 50000 dollars per episode, which is tremendous and extraordinary.

Just like other famous personalities Venessa Bryant also owns a house in California which Kobe and Vanessa Purchased together. Later on, the house was sold.

Coming to her car collection, Ms. Brynant is also passionate about cars as well, she has a number of cars such as a Range Rover worth $ 91,000. 

2007 was the year when Venessa and Kobe found a VIVO foundation, afterward its name changed to Kobe and Venessa Foundation. 

She was born on the 5th of May 1982 in Los Angeles, United States. Her patients got separated when she was a baby.

Venessa and Kobe were engaged After six month of meeting, in 2001 the lovely couple got married, and they also founded donors for African Americans.