Cam Gigandet’s Wife Files for Divorce After 13 Years of Marriage

Recently a piece of news has come about the divorce of Cam Gigandet and his wife Dominique Geisendorff.

Gigandet's wife filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court on 1 August 2022. The couple wants to quit their relationship.

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Cam Gigandet married Dominique Geisendorff in November 2008 and happily lived for 13 years together.

Dominique and Gigandet were already separated in May 2022 and waited for 3 months to apply for divorce.

Dominique and Cam share three children together Everleigh Ray Gigandet, 13, Rekker Radley Gigandet, 9, and  Arnie Heartly Gigandet, 6.

 Dominique Geisendorff has been trying to seek custody of her children legally and also demanded spousal support from Cam with no return policy.

 Cam Gigandet is known for his acting role in the famous vampire fantasy movie series "Twilight," as the vampire James Witherdale. 

According to Cam's wife, the reason of divorce was the inability to agree on mostly topics & necessary things between the couple.

Both Cam and Dominique have scissored all the strings from each other. They have deleted all their pictures of them from their social media.

Cam admits about his priorities, he said "I obviously had three kids, which kind of changes your perspective on things and your priorities. And so that kind of shifted."