Tom Segura Net Worth 

Tom is quite famous for his stand up comedy shows and his appearance in television shows and films too.He is an American stand-up comedian, writer, author, actor, and podcaster.

He is the hosts of show “Your Mom’s House” podcast have flipped their nearly-new Pacific Palisades home onto the market with a $6.85 million price tag,a few hairs above the couple can afford it.

over the summer, they sold their former home in Pacific Palisades for $7 million. $6.7 million they paid for the place barely a year ago, back in December 2019.

Segura, 42, and Pazsitzky, 45, are just two in a heavy stream of big-name comedians to recently make the residential leap from Los Angeles to Texas’ capital city.           

As a writer, he has achieved great success as well. He also appeared in the television show Comedy Central Presents, which has made him a global hit. 

Tom segura net worth is around$15 million USD.His monthly income and salary is $2,00,000 and his Yearly Income And Salary is $2 Million. 

Net Worth in 2022 $15 Million.Net Worth in 2021 $13.5 Million.Net Worth in 2020 $11 Million.Net Worth in 2019 $9 Million.Net Worth in 2018 $8 Million.Net Worth in 2017 $7 Million.

He was born In Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, on 16 April 1979. He also has two siblings, and both of them are sisters.  

After graduating, he started working as a comedian. Tom Segura started his career way back in 2007 when he used to appear In the television show named Live At Gotham.

Tom loves cars and likes to drive them on a regular basis.He has a Chevrolet Camaro GT, Cadillac CTS, Volvo XC90, Range Rover, and a few more.Tom loves cars and likes to drive them on a regular basis.