Things to learn from Jennifer Lopez Documentary 'Halftime'

Jennifer Lopez's new documentary, "Halftime," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week and rolled out on Netflix on Tuesday.

The film covers Lopez's professional life in recent years, including the making and promoting of the movie "Hustlers" and behind-the-scenes of the Super Bowl Halftime Show she headlined with Shakira.

It also opens up the personal life, including a brief cameo of fiancé Ben Affleck.

The Film Halftime' has a lot to offer and you can learn many things from her personal and professional life.

"It was that I was so different from everyone out there that separated me, and it became my biggest strength,” Lopez said.

“It all starts with you. I remember going through relationships and being like, ‘He’s this and that and then I realized it was me. I had to figure out why I was making the choices I made." she said

"The only movie that ever inspired me and inspired my whole career was West Side Story. The reason was that there were Puerto Ricans in it," she said

‘American Idol’ Helped Lopez Find Her Purpose Again she said "I kind of lost a little bit of who I was in trying to build a perfect family life."

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s halftime performance at the 2020 Super Bowl became one of the most memorable shows in modern history it is also covered in the Film.