Things to do on Earth Day

Support the Pollinators around you by making a bee house. You can also develop a bee-friendly garden.

This Earth Day, take a small step towards making our earth clean by cleaning your neighborhood or a local park.

Make This day worth remembering by planting a tree. Also, spread awareness about planting trees and why it is important?

Try using the concept Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as much as you can.

Stop using pesticides and chemicals in your garden.

Try to learn about ways by which you can conserve water.

Involve your kids in Earth Day activities and tell them why it is important to take some steps towards saving mother nature.

This Earth Day, try to analyze your diet and see if you are taking all the required things or not.

Create awareness about why people pay should attention to the earth? Educate them about the raising crises and also suggest some ways to stop waste.