"The Winchesters" Can Bring Back Other Supernatural Character

The upcoming "Supernatural" prequel series "The Winchesters," is faster developing and  full-fledged trailer comes yesterday.

In trailer we see Dean Winchester returns as the narrator of his parents story. Jensen Ackles who is producing the series is replaying his role as Dean

Jensen Ackles says there is always a way of bringing back fan-favorites from the original show.

As "The Winchesters" is about the love story between John and Mary. The focus will be on origins of demon hunting in the Winchester family, and how it took control on them.

As we see in the trailer that return of the Winchesters would greater insight into Dean and Sam's past, but also provide context to what "new mission" Dean is on

Dean presence cannot be placed on timeline as it is not clear when exactly he took over the mission to find out more about his family  legacy 

There are also threats in the present, in which a secret organization is involved in shady, behind-the-scenes dealings.

Fan favorite characters are returning it mean younger versions of beloved "Supernatural" characters are coming such as the angel Castiel. 

Castiel has been an integral part of "Supernatural" ever since his arrival in season 4, and has been an important plot in terms of John and Mary's union.