'The Lazarus Project' Renewed for Season 2

Recently a piece of news has come about the announcement of the welcoming sequel of the hit series ''The Lazarus Project.

Sky television Networks soon will present the next sequel of the hit drama & time-bending series of this year, 2022, "The Lazarus Project".

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The series was created and written by Joe Barton and produced by Adam Knopf via the production company Urban Myth Films.

Paapa Essiedu(George) Anjli Mohindra(Archie) Rudi Dharmalingam(Shiv) Charly Clive(Sarah) Caroline Quentin(Wes) Tom Burke(Rebrov) Brian Gleeson(Ross) Vinette Robinson(Janet) Alec Utgoff (Rudy)


The first season and the first & final episode were released on, Thursday, 16 June 2022, on Sky Max.

The series follows the story of George, who has the ability and power to manipulate space and time which makes his life in danger.

In the finale, we got that the Chinese secret service has created its own serum via tracking the Lazarus Project for years. But the copy went wrong.

Joe Barton has thrilled at the success of the series. "We have bold and ambitious plans for series two which will reunite all our characters in more thrilling and mind-bending adventures”, he said.

The Lazarus project currently has only one season and eight episodes. It was Sky's second-biggest original drama of 2022.

The Lazarus Project got 1.7 million, the audience in the initial 28 days. It surely will be exciting to watch next season.