The Jackass star Bam Margera from Florida rehab center

The Jackass star Bam Margera went missing from a Florida rehab center on Monday, June 13, the Delray Beach PD confirmed the news.

Bam was attending the rehab facility under a court order and he was not happy with the venue’s services and “restrictions.” 

Bam told the rehab manager that he planned on checking himself into a different center in Florida before exiting a black sedan.

The facility’s staff was reportedly concerned that Bam left without authorization since he was reportedly under a court-issued order. 

Bam allegedly didn’t anyone or himself and the police did go looking for him, but they haven’t been able to find him.

"Bam was currently staying at a sober living facility and recently got into an argument with his wife, Nicole Boyd" according to TMZ.

"She filed for custody of their now 4-year-old son, Phoenix, in September 2021." they added

Recently, Bam shared a video of him purchasing a new car after his Range Rover and Bentley were both stolen. Bam’s right arm was in a cast for the 10th time.

The manager of the facility could not provide further information on Margera's whereabouts, and police were unable to find him.