The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

This is a 1980 American epic space opera film directed by Irvin Kershner.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

After floating in space for 57 years, Lt. Ripley's shuttle is found by a deep space salvage team. 

Disguised as a human, a cyborg assassin known as a Terminator travels from 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor.

In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Nostromo is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel.

Deckard is forced by the police Boss to continue his old job as Replicant Hunter. His assignment was to eliminate four escaped Replicants from the colonies who have returned to Earth.

Neo believes that Morpheus, is an elusive figure considered to be the most dangerous man alive.

The Imperial Forces -- under orders from cruel Darth Vader-- hold Princess Leia hostage, in their efforts to quell the rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a soldier of fortune, is hired by the U.S. government to secretly rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala.

Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science fiction action film[4] directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Gerald R.