'The Good Lawyer' in Development at ABC

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ABC has intended to present a law-themed  spin-off of 'The Good Doctor '  titled "The Good Lawyer."

 David Shore and Liz Friedman will be the original production executives, who are from The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor revolves around surgeon Dr. Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgical resident with savant abilities whose cast was done by Freddie Highmore.

The Good Lawyer will follow the story of a lawyer hired onto the law firm that represents Dr. Glassman and Dr. Murphy named Joni.

Joni had faced discrimination in the workplace and her cynical boss and seasoned lawyer, Janet, is hesitant to trust her due to her disorder.

Sony TV Studios’ former president Jeff Frost stated about the spinoff, saying “it was always a possibility,” and it was something the studio would “love to see happen.” 

Joni and Janet will be very different from the dynamic between Murphy and Glassman in The Good Doctor.

The spinoff is based on an original idea and currently is in development for next year's release.

The spin-off will be introduced through a backdoor pilot in 'The Good Doctor's upcoming season.