Everything you need to know Before Horror Anime ‘Chainsaw Man Debuts

Lined Circle

Long awaited and the highly anticipated anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is all set to premiere soon.

The Chainsaw Man was created by Tatsuki Fujimoto and published as a manga version in 2018. Now it has a total of 11 volumes.

This anime follows a story of a boy named Denji. On the verge of death, he fuses with a Chainsaw Devil and is pulled into a new kind of hell as a result.

To save himself from the devil hunters, he’s recruited to join a devil hunting agency, and his continued work for them.

As the story unfolds creating a symphony of violence and greed ,  Chainsaw Man goes to more and more surreal places.

Compared to most typical shonen fare, you will see that Chainsaw Man is absolutely bursting with bodily fluids and detritus.

Some guys see Chainsaw Man as an anti-shonen, it quickly dispels any illusions & makes a point of taking away any sense of trust or comradery in any institution.

The upcoming release will show some brutality as the connection is rewarded only in the pain and Kindness is not something the narrative rewards.

With 11 volumes, the content is not less, which is a  is a fantastic, mind-bending experience to read and will be awsome to see.