The Best Animated Movies Of 2022

Lined Circle

Turning Red

Director - Domee Shi IMDb - 7/10

A teenage girl gets crazy under the changes of adolescence and transforms into a giant red panda whenever she gets excited.

The Bad Guys

Mr. Wolf and his crew used to run a criminal gang but later they are attempting to live as common citizens.

Director -  Pierre Perifel IMDb - 6.8/10

The Sea Beast

A couple of sailors including a small girl and an adult guy follows the adventures of the sea with the sea monsters.

Director - Chris Williams IMDb - 7.1/10

Minions: The Rise of Gru

Gru wants to join the supervillain group but failed in the interview, so now he is going to take revenge with his little yellow friends

Director -  Kyle Balda IMDb - 6.7 /10

The Bob's Burgers Movie 

Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise have to deal with a mystery to save their business source.

Creator -  Loren Bouchard & Bernard Derriman IMDb - 7/10

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Chip and Dale have to reunite and revive their friendship to find their lost friend and save him.

Director -  Akiva Schaffer IMDb - 7/10


 Space ranger Buzz Lightyear is back on his mission to escape the evil Zurg and his robot army.

Director - Angus MacLane IMDb - 5.8/10

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Buckminster "Buck" is on an adventure with the daredevil twin opossum brothers Crash and Eddy.

Director -  John C. Donkin IMDb - 4.3/10

DC League of Super-Pets

Pets of DC superheroes along with the Super-Dog Krypto are on their rescue mission to save their masters.

Director - Jared Stern & Sam J. Levine IMDb - 7.9/10


Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world suddenly lands in the land of luck and changes her life.

Director -  Peggy Holmes IMDb - 6.4/10