The Adidas x Gucci internet-breaking collaboration

The German-based Adidas and Italy's infamous fashion house Gucci has created an internet-breaking collaboration.

They both have in common is they both make iconic, stylish staples and are two of the biggest names in fashion history.

On June 7, Adidas and Gucci dropped the highly anticipated Adidas x Gucci collaboration, which debuted on the fall 2022 runway.

The collection now extends beyond the stars and the catwalk and now it will be live and people can buy it.

Starting today, people and buy the collection on the Gucci website, the Adidas Confirmed app and some select stores.

And you can find it on pop-up shops in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago and Houston.

The collaborated collection includes men’s and women’s shoes, accessories, jewelry and lifestyle pieces.

And the various amalgamations of the iconic Gucci and Adidas logos, Gucci red and green colors and the famous Adidas three stripes can be spotted.

So, let us know which one you wanna try and which one you liked the most for shopping you can visit the Adidas website.