"Teen Moms" star Mackenzie & Josh McKee Split After 12 Years 

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee confirmed that she split from Josh McKee after 12 years of marriage.  

The 27-year-old mother of three tells Celebuzz “I’m coming from a very deep, raw, and vulnerable part of my heart live is crazy. Our entire life was played out in the spotlight.”  

Mackenzie said in her statement. “I’m stepping into an entirely new life and new me. I’m so thankful for the past 12 years with Josh and what they taught me. 

Josh and I are both still young with an entire life ahead of us. And I wish nothing but peace and happiness for him and his future. Everyone has their own story, and this is mine.” 

She further continues by blaming Josh for their split “The old me would have released a story about how awful Josh is, what he did and why this marriage is ending.”  

“The new me understands that we are both walking away from this with deep scars and our kids love us both despite the pain we brought one another.  

"She said I don’t want to share more details but she asked “Was I a perfect wife?” Mackenzie “No. But I’m also not pretending that Josh was a good husband.” 

“Us women do not leave until we are ready. Until we can wake up, notice the coffee doesn’t smell right, and something is off. That was my marriage."

She explained. “When that switch happened when I knew I was going to leave, my entire world changed. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t sad about anything, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t depressed.” 

“I gained my power back as a female who finally knows her self-worth. And I was finally so exhausted that I was done, and anything that has hurt me these past 5 years was gone, I no longer care.”