Sebastian Bear and his wife Emily Ratajkowski face a big problem in their relationship.

Emily Ratajkowski & Sebastian Bear-McClard Split After 4 Years

A source outlet tells the story that Emily and Sebastian recently broke up with each other. all it is started when a source clamed that Sabastian is a big Cheater   .

 The source also told the story, It was Emily's Decision to quit this Marriage she want to focus on her one year newly born child.

Emily is a strong woman as well as a good mom she is okay with It,  she loves being a mom . she said it is very tough to manage   Hollywood life with your real life.

The Producer and the Model’s breakup rumor and Speculations come just days before they split. Emily was seen outside without her wedding ring several times. 

. It was a totally rumored, and untrue statement that the couple will be divorcing each other.


. Emily and Sabastian got married in 2018, the newly married couple seems very happy, and Emily posted this story on her Instagram.

. Back 2018 Emily Reveal’s that she got married today, and after four year's  it is not so easy for the fans to accept her decision.

Emily is so Protective toward’s her newly born son’s Privacy, and  she won't reveal her son’s photos Publicly.


After this Issue, Emily and Sabastian have been spotted alone. it is not easy for them to take this decision,  but now it seems they are ok with it.