SYTYCD: Matthew Morrison is fired after sending 'flirty' messages to contestant

Last week, Matthew Morrison announced that he is leaving his role as a judge on the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance".

At that time, no information was provided regarding the reason behind his exit. Now, the actual reason behind his exit has finally come to light.

According to some reports on the internet, a source close to the Fox dancing show revealed that Matthew was fired from the show for sending 'flirty' messages to contestants.

The source revealed that he was fired for having "an inappropriate relationship with a female contestant." Matthew used to send her "flirty direct messages on social media".

The unnamed contestant felt uncomfortable and talked to the producers about this matter and later Fox got involved. He was fired after they did their own investigation.

The female contestant also revealed that they "never met up offset". He used to send her flirty messages that "crossed the line" after some time.

Matthew Morrison last week announced that he is leaving the show after breaking "production protocols" but didn't offer details.

"After filming the audition rounds for the show and completing the selection of the 12 finalists, I did not follow competition production protocols," said Matthew.

"I cannot apologize enough to all involved, and I will be watching alongside you all on what I know will be one of the best seasons yet," he added further.