Simon Romanov

Survivor’ Season 42 Winner Revealed

‘Survivor’ Season 42 comes to close with May 25 finale. It follow as one of the 5 remaining players is crowned the winner!

The Survivor finale began with 5 contestants left: Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Jonathan Young and Lindsay Dolashewich.  

Mike, Maryanne and Romeo are in the final 3 and they will tell the jury why they think they deserve to win.

Omar insist all players to prove they played best strategic game and urge that all the jury votes are “up in the air.” 

Maryanne explains jury that she acted like she wasn’t strategic at beginning of the game so that her strategy could shine later.

Mike defends his move of sorting blindside of Hai, and Maryanne repeat how big of a deal it was for her to vote out Omar.

She explains, she set herself up to be in the final three with any combination of people who were left. .

During strategy portion, each players has a chance to explain biggest move they made on their own during the game.

The first vote is for Mike, followed by one for Maryanne. Maryanne earns the rest of the votes and become the WINNER of Survivor season 42!