Steven Spielberg is a Famous  American Director, Producer, and Screenwriter, In 2022 his Net worth is estimated at around $ 150 million USD.

Steven Spielberg is termed the second richest celebrity on the earth, he earns $8 billion dollars per year which makes him an interesting personality.

Steven Spielberg was born on the 18th of December 1946 in the Cincinnati United States. His mother was a Concert pianist and his father was an Electrical  Engineer.   

Spielberg Studied at Saratoga High School, Later on, he joined the University of Southern California of Theatres, Films, and Television. 

He Struggled a lot in his starting days, in the beginning, Steven worked as an unpaid Intern, at universal studios at that time he directed a short film of about 24 minutes.

After facing a lot of problems in his career Steve got a breakthrough, In 1975 a movie that became so hit in the theatres known as “Jaws”. And 67/ of Americans went to watch it.

One year later he directed a top Blockbuster film of all time, ‘ET., The Extra-Terrestrial’ the story of this film was based on a young Boy and his friendly alien. 

Afterwards the Genius director gave a number of hit movies such as Minority Report, Jurassic Park, and Hook Starring Robin Williams something else.

Many Sources reveal that his total net worth is approximately estimated at around $ 3.7 billion USD and in the past few years his net worth has increased by 11/.

Mr. Spielberg has won multiple awards in his professional career winning twelve Emmy awards, three Academy Awards, and two British Academy films Awards.