Selena Gomez Wants To ‘Be Married & Be A Mom’

“I hope to be married and to be a mom,” Selena Gomez(30) said on a new episode of the TATATU series.

Selena in the show later added that she wants to see herself settling down with a family in the future.

She says that she is going to be tired of all of this,and just going to devote her life to philanthropy.

Selena reportedly added that she wants to keep things real and call herself an extremist in the show.   

She says that she really got rid of instagram, so gave the account to her assistant to handle the same.

She later added that she texts her assistant about anything to be posted and don't even know the password.

She later advised fans to step out of social media to take care of their mental health, which is very important.

"Take a weekend off from social media or start with a single day when you just don't pay attention to it." She says.

She considered mental health very important. This interview of selena just took place few days after her 30th birthday.