Selena Gomez Reveals her relationship status

Selena Gomez has finally revealed her relationship status as fans never stop setting her up with anyone she is spotted with

Selena's love life has always been in rumors, in the past few months she has been rumored to have been dating Chris Evans and Zen Matos

Selena has been kept quiet when it comes to her love life rumors, in her new TikTok video, she let everyone know what her exact relationship status.

In her new Tiktok video, she recorded the TikTok of herself lip-syncing to king Nas's audio to try to convince other people to date him.

But as you can see from the sound and the facial expressions, she seems totally uninterested in any of that.

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Selena then captioned the TikTok with " Maybe this is why I'm single. Don't believe a damn word."

So, here we can conclude that Selena Gomez is single! but still, people are rotting for her to be in a relationship.

Selena Gomez's past relationships were open to the fans as one of the most controversial relationships was with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez also dated singer Nick Jonas, and singer-songwriter the Weeknd but eventually they borke up.