Scott Disick was involved in a terrifying car crash on Sunday 

Scott Disick was reported a terrifying car crash on Sunday around 3:00 p.m. in Calabasas, California.

Scott Disick suffered only minor injuries as said by reports. But one can't imagine saying that he only got minor injuries after watching the wrecked car pics.

In the accident pics, Lamborghini SUV lies on its side of the street and also shows a demolished stone mailbox on its side. 

On August 21,2022 according to the Los Angles County Sherriff’s Department report s regarding a solo vehicle traffic collision.

Scott Disick had a terrifying car crash at 25300 block of Prado De La Felicidad in the city of Calabasas.

Police officials arrived at the accident scene and contacted Scott Disick who was the driver of the car and the only person in the car.

Officials say that the main cause of the accident of Scott Disick was speed and alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

Scott Disick declined medical treatment and also suffered minor injuries rather than life-threatening ones.  

Scott Disick was picked up from the accident scene by family members and his vehicle was towed away as per said Scott Disick.