Sasha grey is a famous American Actress and Musician, Model, Author, and former adult movie star. She has a net worth of $3 million, Her Real name is Marina Ann Hantzis. 

Sasha was born on 14th March 1988 in California. During her school time, Sasha’s parents divorced each other but Grey stayed with her mother, who takes care of her.

 It's not easy for her to study in high school, she finds a lot of difficulties because she had changed four schools so far.

When Ms. Grey went to Los Angeles and decided to make her career in the Ad*lt Film Industry, there she found her new name from Marina Ann Hantzis to Sasha Grey.

In 2007 Sasha won her first-ever Award. 2007 was the best year for Grey, she was Introduced to the Tyra Banks Show. in 2008 she got the AVN award for the best female actress of the year. 

In 2008 Sasha became so popular that she earned a name, fame, and legacy. The announcement was made by the factory girls that she will represent herself in the point award.

Afterward, Sasha starts taking interest in non-Ad*In movies, she started making further appearances in films like, ‘Quit’, ‘And Canadian black Comedy’.

She also worked in the horror film ‘Smash cut’. ‘The  ‘Girlfriend Experience’ is the movie where she got her first leading role, for Sasha its a dream come

Sasha Participated in many shows like, ‘I melt with you, ‘And entourage’ in 2012 she got a role in ‘Would you Rather’.

Grey identifies herself as an existentialist and as bis3xual. She was in a long-term relationship and engagement with her 13 years her senior Ian Cinnamon but the couple split up in 2013.