Rick & Morty Easter Egg Into Stranger Things Season Four

Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a possible link between the two beloved shows Stranger Things and Rick & Morty.

In the second episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things they spotted that the band of young heros in Hawkins are looking for certain "Rick".

Rick in the one who has information in the video store in which Steve and Robin currently work. 

While they are able to find the Rick that they are looking for, it appears that none other than Rick Sanchez has an account at Hawkins' Family Video.

Twitter User Burble Yuh tweeted about this connection between the two shows and presenting a very "blink and you'll miss it" moment.

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things' fourth season have already arrived on Netflix other will come in July.

Rick & Morty however still have release their release date for the sixth season of the surreal Adult Swim series.

Fans are waiting for American adult animated science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty as The Stranger Things fan are now waiting for the final two installments of the season.

Let us know how you feel about this connection and their might be any gimples of Stranger Things in Rick and Morty series.