The best Football Game series FiFA 23 is on its way, just like every season the fans are more crazy and excited after seeing its trailer. 

In this particular series there are only few players who played better last season, especially in Domestic League and Champions League as well.

In some countries, it's called Football whereas in some other countries it is called Soccer. But this is game that joins the world together.

FiIFA23 reveals its game on Friday 30 September 2022, but sooner some excited fans will be able to access the game through Beta. which is so good.

Lionel Messi's name comes on First, the God of football has always been among the absolute elite players in FIFA for the last ten years, which is marvelous.

Robert Lewandowski's rating is over 92. His name comes in second, the former Bayern Munich player who recently joined FC Barcelona.

The PSG Star Kylian Mbappe's name comes in 3rd, and this season his rating also increased and went to 91, which is tremendous.

One of the best Attacking Midfielder in the world Kevin De Bruyne name comes in Fourth, and his rating reached over 91 in FIFA 23 so far.   

Karim Benzema is playing for the biggest football club in the world ‘Real Madrid’ and the French man's name comes in fifth on the list of FIFA 23, His rating went to over 91.

The best Football player on the planet Christina Ronaldo name comes on 6th, and this season's also his rating remains the same as compared last season.