The  President of the United States Joe Biden tests positive for Covid 19 with mild symptoms, Joe is Isolated in the White House..

Biden posited a video on his Twitter account, where he said I am Doing well guys. And decide to work from Isolation. 

Well On Thursday morning Biden tells all Americans that I tested positive for Covid 19, he said I am double boosted and Double vaccinated. 

Joe is a 79-year-old person, Because of his age Joe had to suffer a lot, after so long Joe Biden tested positive for covid 19. 

Meanwhile USA. President has to isolate up to the next Tuesday, According to the Guide Line, Joe Oxigen's level is also normal.

His Symptoms are Fatigue, dry cough, and Runny Nose, Dr. Ashish Jha who is a white house covid Coordinator, said to CNN. Joe is not suffering from any kind of fever.

The vice president of America Ms. Kamla Harris and the first lady have spoken to the President, they said Joe is feeling good.

Joe Biden's Upcoming Journeys and Travells are canceled, one of the white house officials told CNN. It is not possible for him to travel to Florida, Tempa, and Orlando on Monday.

The White House officials are working to identify all those persons who come in close contact with the President. They want to trace each and every person 

The U.S.A President’s Infection tells that once again In America Covid 19 cases are increasing. The time has come for the government to take some decisions regarding covid.