Phil Hampson Knight is an American businessman, Mr. Phil is the founder of ‘Nike’ which is a famous Brand. film production company Laika is also owned by him. 

Mr. Hampson, was born on February 24th, 1938, he lives with his Mom and Dad in Portland, Phil goes to a school in Portland. Knight felt so good with his Parents.   

Phil Knight comes in the category of the 28th richest person in the world. In the year 2022, his net worth is around $40 Billion, which is exceptional.

In the Beginning, Hamson's life brings a lot of challenges for him, Phil is supposed to work in night shift, and every morning he use to run seven km. which becomes so hard for him.

From the University of Oregon, he continues his further Education. After graduation, Phil joined the Army and serve his country for one year.

He started, his career as a  Certified Public Accountant. afterwards he become an Accounting professor at Portland state university.

When Mr. Hampson first time receives the shoe sample, he immediately mailed two pairs to Bowerman at the Oregon, university. Afterward, the company name changed to ‘Nike’. 

Later on, he worked for the blued Ribbon sports. He left his Accountant Job for this new one, Mr. Knight felt great when he got a Job in Ribbon sports. 

As we all know that ‘Nike’ is one of the most popular Logos across the world, Mr. Phil wanted ‘Nike’ to become best fitness and Sports Company in the World.

Mr. Knight is a Role Model for other people, he is the co-founder of Nike. which is a very famous ‘Brand’ he believes that Inspiring others is great Leadership.