Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow is her clone

Nicole Richie is a famous TV celebrity known as a fashion designer, actress, and musician.

Nicole Richie is usually captured in the city with her kids and husband. Seems like she has given birth to a clone of herself.

Her daughter Harlow  Kate looks exactly like her mother, both have incredible resemblance. Her fans were delighted when they saw their pictures together.

She has been married to singer Joel Madden since 2010 and has two children, Harlo kate,14, and Sparrow,12.

Harlow was her first and only daughter. She is born in 2008 with all the genetic traits of her mother.

Harlow has blonde hair as her mother and similar face and body structure. They seems like identical twins.

Nicole Richie is the adopted daughter of a famous musician, Lionel Richie, when she was 9. Her biological father was Peter Michael Escovedo.

Nicole is a splendid and proud woman, we can expect that someday her daughter would be the great star of Hollywood industry.

 "There's not one way to raise children. There's no one right way to be a mother, It depends on your house and lifestyle. The biggest lesson I've learned is not to judge!" - Nicole Richie

Both Harlow and Nicole are gorgeous. Currently, parents are keeping privacy for their children but soon we maybe see both of them in the spotlight together.